Friday, August 25, 2006

I will Sur-veev

I have been inspired by my surroundings. I have had a revelation of massive proportions, all due to the upcoming season of Survivor.

In my revelation, I see a world where white people can live in white towns full of white stores and go to white schools and white churches. In this world the blacks, jews, asians, arabs, latinos and gays can all have their own little towns, too. The white people will watch their white sports teams play other white sports teams and their children will grow up to be happy white people.

If you want to buy a burrito, you have to get a day pass and an escort to take you to Mexi-Cali, but you better be home by sundown or they'll lock you in and you might never get out.

The black people won't be allowed to eat at the white Burger King and the white people won't be allowed to chase after the asian women. It'll be all good clean fun and everyone will get along just fine. I'm sure of it.

Maybe the people who make Survivor should take a look at the fiasco surrounding the dingleberry who opened a restaurant called "Hitler's Cross."

Do they think people have somehow gotten over centuries of bigotry and hatred in the last thirty years? I think it's going to take a lot longer than that to breed out the strain of ignorant white trash who think it's a good idea to drag a man (black, gay, or otherwise...) behind a truck.

It's been twice that long since Hitler slaughtered millions and his face isn't even welcome in some backwater hole on the subcontinent.

So go ahead, show your idiotic race war on the television. But you better think twice about how it's going to affect Bubba and Bodean after they polish off a case of Milwaukee's Best lounging on the broken couch in front of the off-brand big-screen TV in the living room of their burnt-out trailer.

Bubba and Bodean might hop in the pickup, go snatch Bob and the other Bob out their respective trailers and go out prowling. They'll say, "Hey, d'joo see them niggers outscored the whites and the asians on Sore-vay-verr? Let's go teach one of 'em they can't mess with my TV shows like that."

Or maybe not. Maybe they'll see the irony of pitting race against race and they'll laugh out loud as it becomes clear to them that the bigotry that was passed down from their father (who also learned it from his father) is just oh-so ridiculous. Yeah, and maybe I'll find a million dollars in a box in my garage tomorrow.


i, squub said...

I think I've gotta disagree with your detective work there. If we're molding our entertainments so as not to improperly impression the morons in the world, then Survivor better get in line behind the massive list of entertainments showing all the shooting and the stabbing and the killing and the beating.

Sacky said...


When I was in school, if two kids had a problem they went to the bridge by the playground after school and had a fist fight. The next day they were best friends again.

Today, there is no chance for them to become best friends after a fight because there is no fist fight. Instead, one of the kids pulls a gun or knife and kills the other one on the spot.

I think it's pretty safe to blame this trend on the level of violence on the TV.

i, squub said...

I don't agree. I'd like to agree, but I don't. Of course I also can't tell if you're being your smart-ass or your you. After writing what's below here, and being unable to post it 27 times, I've started thinking you might be being be.

I think that's a big oversimplification. Many people do nothing BUT talk about the things that have changed in society over the course of the last however-many-years. Certainly more has changed than just TV violence.

When I was kid it wouldn't have MATTERED if there was the same kind of violence on TV as there is now. I wouldn't have been allowed to watch it. I wasn't allowed to see movies that were R rated. Ever. I wasn't allowed to watch daytime Soaps.

And if my parents are to be believed, their parents were way more strict than that.

We can't spank kids anymore. Our entire philosophy about raising children has shifted. Censorship is a job for parents, not people making shows. Keeping guns away from kids is a job for parents. Making sure you KNOW whether or not your kids have knives or guns is a job for parents.

When I was in school, if two kids had a problem and one of them was me, there was no meeting anywhere. There was a lot of me avoiding the other kid until he forgot about me. I became very good at being forgotten about, I think. I think I'm still good at that.

This should be my own post, not a big-ass comment. Maybe later. F-bomb!

Sacky said...

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Now I will type "mrjbwb" into the box below.


But it didn't work!

Now I will type "cjomy" into the box.