Friday, August 25, 2006

Chocolate Crumbs

I just bought Pepperidge Farms Chocloate Chunk cookies out of the vending machine.

It was a toss-up between them and the miniature Famous Amos ones in the spiral contraption next door.

I made my decision based on the fact that I'm still kind of hungry and the Pepperidge Farm package said the cookies inside weighed about 0.12 ounces more than the Famous Amos ones.

So I put in my sixty cents and hit the button. My cookies dropped. I got them out of the slot.

Back at my desk, I opened the cookies and found that the package did not actually contain "2 Big Cookies!" as advertised. Rather, I have a small plastic tray full of cookie debris. I wish I had a camera because it looks so pathetic. I wish I had a spoon because it would make it easier to eat them.

Fucking dirty-ass vending machine.

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