Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I hope this time I will wake up dead

Sentenced - www.sentenced.org

I wrote a whole novel while reeling from the effects of the last two or three Sentenced records. There must just be something about living half of the year in total darkness that puts sorrow, discontent, anger, and despair at the forefront of your creative energies. I've always felt a strong attachment to Sentenced's music - especially the last decade's worth when they replaced their original singer with a fellow named Ville Laihiala.

In 2005 Sentenced announced they were quitting - their final release "The Funeral Album" has logged almost as much time on my turntable (yes, the vinyl record playing machine) as my Rubber Soul or Abbey Road LP's.

So Sentenced is done. But it seems there are still sparks out there... Today, while busy at work, I found this:

It seems Ville Laihiala has a new band called Poisonblack. The production isn't as clear (at least on whatever streaming encoded shit YouTube uses for audio) as Sentenced, but the feeling comes through loud and clear.

I'll stop now so I can play it some more.

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Funky Smith said...

OMG! I like, love Poisonblack!