Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fuck the TV

So do you watch that American Idol?

We started watching it last year and were easily hooked -- mostly because of the terrible sucks who have no idea they suck as bad as they suck at the auditions.

But, once it got rolling it was still interesting.

This year, however, I've had trouble getting into it as much. I dunno what it is about it, cuz a lot o of the people are pretty good singers, but there hasn't really been anyone who grabbed me right off the bat. Last year, I instantly liked Taylor Hicks and hoped he would last a while on the show - tho I even stated right about the time they gave him his ticket to Hollywood -- "He's good but he won't ever win this thing."

I was wrong about that one.

So this year is girl-heavy. I'm betting my best pants that the background-singer-lady is the winner, cuz she pretty much blows the rest of them out of the water. Out of the guys left, the beatboxer is the only one I like.

But the people who were still bringing me back to the TV week after week are now gone -- last week saw the end of Gina What's-her-face, who could get some rock going, tho she made some shitty song choices. And this week saw the end of Haley Scarnato.

And the sad part is, that stupid grinning fucker with the never-ending cavalcade of dumb hair is still on there - and not even in the bottom three. I can't stand him, and I hate the fact that the anti-whatever people out there are calling in to skew the results.

So this week saw the end of Haley. As far as singing is concerned, it's really not that much of a loss. She was far from the best, but sometimes you have to just sit back and enjoy the view. I know I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fuck Easter

What the fuck is with this Easter shit, anyhow?

I mean, really, what do bunnies and chicks and colored eggs have to do with the Jesus?

All of those things (kinda like Christmas trees, too) are remnants of ancient pagan beliefs which have just been absorbed by Christianity. Would the mommies at your local Sunday School be happy to know we eat chocolate bunnies today as a remnant of earlier beliefs that rabbits must be sacrificed in the early spring as an offering to a god or goddess so that the cold death of winter could be washed away and all the living things renewed again? Or how about baby chicks which come from eggs (tho not colored ones)? Here too is something which lay dormant for many long weeks and now steps into the light of day from out of the darkness of its shell.

Isn't it funny how that kind of stuff mirrors a certain "resurrection" story?

What's not funny is driving all the way to Chipotle and finding them closed just because it's fucking Easter. At least the weather was disagreeable (now, where's all that rebirth and rejuvenation shit when you need it?) cuz if it had been nice we would have ridden the 18 miles on our bikes. And then I probably wouldn't be able to put into words just how fucking pissed I would be.

But I got a burrito on Monday, so all is not lost. However, I never did get one of those giant chocolate covered peanut butter eggs. Stupid Easter.