Friday, September 14, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Edguy @ Jaxx

I can't remember the last time I took a camera to a concert.

But I can remember the last time I had this much fun at a concert - that would be the last time I saw Edguy play.

If you don't know who the Hell they are (and I'm sure you don't...) go check something out. I'd recommend King of Fools or Sacrifice or Superheroes if you can track down mp3's or streams or whatever (try Amazon. try the link above.)

Here are a few pictures from the show courtesy of my dying Fuji Finepix. One of them is actually good:

Tobi singing Catch of the Century.

Dirk, Eggi, & Jens rocking Lavatory Love Machine.

Felix the Drum Bunny playing The Imperial March.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I remember.

I remember what it looked like when the first tower came down. I've seen it replayed a hundred thousand times on TV and in pictures since then, but I still remember everything about that moment - live on my TV - while the hastily run satellite dish cable hung through the open window, sun slanting in and making columns of light on the carpet.

I remember the horror and the revulsion and the instant realization that the other one would fall, too. The TV said it wouldn't. But we all know what happened.

Six years ago religious fundamentalists struck a mighty blow. While they may have caused a few buildings to fall and they spent the blood of countless innocents, they didn't even nick the foundation.

In the days and weeks, months and years that followed the American people rallied around the president. Flags and ribbons were everywhere. People were scared out of their minds. George Bush took that opportunity to sieze power - throwing our rights and privacy to the winds.

Six years later, George Bush and his people are still sneaking and lying, and cheating the American public however they can. Maybe people are finally waking up. George Bush's cronies and political appointees are slowly falling away, but is it enough?

Six years ago American patriotism surged. It's since waned. I'm sure it's still there and people would probably fight to the death if I suggested to them that they are not "true patriots" -- whatever the fuck that might be. But I don't see the same messages written on the highway overpasses. I don't see as many flags flying. I also don't see the same blind unwavering support for a neo-conservative tyrant.

Six years ago thousands died because certain people put a different name on their god. And six years later people in America believe it's perfectly fine to push their own political agenda based on their religious beliefs.

I remember. I remember what happened to this country. I still hate George Bush with all my being. But I've never been afraid to drive my car or enter a building or fly on a plane. Fuck terrorists - no matter what they call their god.

Anyone selling Fear is a fucking terrorist and there's an awful lot of it on sale right in your own back yard.

Metal Polka

48 hours.

Some people track down criminals in a funny-buddy cop movie in that kinda time.

Other people take an a capella folk song (in Finnish) and figure out some chords and riffs to go along with it. Then they take a 40 mile bike ride for a burrito (was good) and then they come back and lay down a big fucking pile of metal guitars and drums (and some mighty fine soundin' bass) and mix that shit up metal style.

Wolfdog came up with most of the riffs and played the bass. I played the guitars (4 rhythm, 6 lead.) We both got sick of programming drums. I got really sick of lining vocals up to the click.

Despite my bitching we had a blast making this. And, in the end, it came out way better than I ever expected. You can check it out here:

That sounds better than this:

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