Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Metal Polka

48 hours.

Some people track down criminals in a funny-buddy cop movie in that kinda time.

Other people take an a capella folk song (in Finnish) and figure out some chords and riffs to go along with it. Then they take a 40 mile bike ride for a burrito (was good) and then they come back and lay down a big fucking pile of metal guitars and drums (and some mighty fine soundin' bass) and mix that shit up metal style.

Wolfdog came up with most of the riffs and played the bass. I played the guitars (4 rhythm, 6 lead.) We both got sick of programming drums. I got really sick of lining vocals up to the click.

Despite my bitching we had a blast making this. And, in the end, it came out way better than I ever expected. You can check it out here:

That sounds better than this:

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James R. said...

This kicks so much ass I can't even believe it.