Thursday, August 31, 2006

A dee-ba dee, That's all ffffolks.

When I started my job back in February, I had no access to anything. After a few days they enabled my Windows account so I could log in to computers. I was perfectly happy using the local admin account prior to this since no one could track my idiot surfing habits that way.

It took a few more days to get e-mail access and even more days to get access to the trouble ticket tracking system.

So that shows you how much importance they put on new people being able to do anything.

Tomorrow is the end of my two-week I QUIT, DAMMIT period. But, they already hired a guy and I have nothing to do since I refuse to order parts on the understanding that it could take two weeks to resolve any discrepancies within the whole Breaktek parts ordering via SAP system. So I called out sick on Wednesday because I was actually sick, but my boss thought I was making it up so he sent me an e-mail which said, "IF YOU WANT TO MAKE THURSDAY BE YOUR LAST DAY I'M FINE WITH THAT."

To which I replied:


Then I didn't get a response. So I reconfigured myself anyhow and said I'm not working on Friday and that's the mindset I enacted.

Still this morning I had no response about if I was done today or done tomorrow. So I called my boss. He didn't answer. I called the other guy I work with. He didn't answer, either. So I sent that guy an e-mail to call me ASAP.

He called about 20 minutes later. I said, "Did you talk to that bosshole?" He said, "Yeah, I was just on the phone with him."

I said, "Did he say about today is my last day or anything like that." The other guy said, "No, he didn't say anything about that. But I just told him I quit." I said, "Good for you."

So then I called the bosshole. He said, "OH! I'm glad you called. You were two items down on my list. So then he says, "I'm fine with you working through tomorrow." And I says, "Well, I'm fine with me being done today." And he says, "I'm fine with that, too." So that was pretty much it. There was supposed to be some kind of exit interview, which I believe consisted of him telling me to leave my company fone with the other guy I work with. And that was it.

So, now with confirmation that I am not working tomorrow, I sent an e-mail to the people at the site and said TODAY IS IT. I'LL STAY THROUGH THE END OF THE DAY AND MONITOR THE CALLS BUT OTHER PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO ORDER PARTS.

And 20 minutes later I couldn't login to my e-mail. Two minutes after that it kicked me out of the call tracking system and said my account was invalid.

So I gathered up my headphones and my CD's and my book and my papers and my jug of Chik-Fil-A iced tea and I said, "See y'as zhnoop."

That place was actually an okay place to work. But, because of the situation of working for an of fuckheads, I will still have to close with:

Fuck that place.

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Funky Smith said...

Yes! I recently went through this myself.