Friday, January 26, 2007

Stick it in the Slot

Someway back (can't have been too long ago, cuz my foot is still in this fucking GIANT BLACK VELCRO BOOT) I mentioned about a new washing machine.

As in many cases, the new washing machine did in fact replace an old washing machine.

I am back today to show you pictures of the old, quarter-eating, non-spinning washing machine.

Here you go:

There it is, sitting by the trash cans. Even before we moved it out there, the front was already kicked off of it. I'm kinda sad you can't see the sign taped to the front. "Do not put feet on washers," it said. I'm guessing people didn't listen or else the front wouldn't have banged around all the time like a wounded asshole.

Here is a bigger shot showing the fancy Computer Control Pad and the quarter slot.

If you open the lid (which required some prying) you can flip a button which lets you reprogram shit. I only ever figured out how to make it not take quarters. But it only stayed that way until the power went out, then I'd have to fix it again.


Phoooiee said...

Seeing these pictures fills me with horror and revulsion.

Liquid Pork Gun said...

Wow!!!!! What an interesting washing machine!!!!

furiousBall said...

also, do not put washer on feets

sacky said...

i Am SACKY also

Sacky said...


I think you must have fallen on your head.

Maybe you should watch out for the margarine in the road. It's slippery, slidery, slick.