Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Holy oldshit, Batman!

D'ja ever notice how when a band plays a song sometimes (most times) it's faster than on the CD? This is the result of syncing the CD track to the faster live performance and using everything under the sun to disquise the fact that you only shot with one camera and you have to keep backing up a few frames to line up the lips.

Like it really matters.

It also benefits from fantastic video capture software and a fabulous 3rd generation VHS copy of the live show. And it benefits even more from the fact that Eyes Wide Shut was playing on the TV so every time I stopped the tape the computer kept capturing... um... other stuff.

And that's some squub guy on bass. For sure.

And you better know I bought that S.O.D. shirt from Billy Milano himself. He's a hell of a salesman.

"If a fat fuck like me can fit into an XL then a fat fuck like you won't have any problem at all."

How can you turn down a line like that? He got my $20. I got a shirt and had to cut off the sleves to fit my fat self into it.

Then later I got to see him sing about FUCK THE MIDDLE EAST.

But the biggest tragedy is that you can't see my pants.

They were made of cut-off pants.


furiousBall said...

I personally love the uncliped guitar strings. Fuck neat headstocks...right in the ass. Unclipped guitar strings are as rock n' roll as falling down a big set of stairs holding a pre-80s Fender Twin. You survive that and if your guitar strings are pointing every which way, you fucking rock.

Funky Smith said...


Sacky said...

That's Kingo.

Apertome said...

That's an awesome video. The flashes of Eyes Wide Shut were great, it looked intentional. And things being out of sync is always the mark of a great video.