Friday, January 12, 2007

All's not quite so well.

I am on drugs. Currently it's Oxycodone which is secret generic slang for Percoset. Priorly it was Hydrocodone which is generic slang for Vicodin. Both are good.

You see, about four hours after we achieved our new washing machine, my right foot started hurting. To properly describe the sensation in my foot you would need to imagine what it would feel like if you dropped a washing machine on your foot.


I did not drop a washing machine on my foot. I'm sure of it. I don't recall doing any wrong whatsoever to my foot. But it's damn busted nevertheless.

Actually, it's not busted. I got x-rays. Here are x-rays:

The x-ray came back negative for breaks and positive for nothing wrong.

So they said maybe it was a STRESS FRACTURE. And I got sent for a BONE SCAN. I will have to post the bone scan pictures later because I didn't scan them yet - but trust me -- they are definitely worth posting because they are some strange shit.

And still they show nothing is broken.

But my foot hurts, so I get to take pain medicine for a week and then wear a dumb foot boot for two weeks.

I'm really glad we didn't spend the money for FREE DELIVERY of that new washing machine.


Phoooiee said...

I said we should spend the money on free delivery!

Sacky said...

yessir. but then you also said you didn't want to wait until wednesday for free delivery to occur since every cloth in our house was soiled since the old washer was non-functating.

Phoooiee said...

What is non-functating?

And, you were the one who didn't want to wait until Wednesday. You were so excited about the washing machine that you went downstairs just to look at it when it was running, remember?

Your foot is dumb.

Sacky said...

Please do not disparage my foot. It is having enough trouble on its own.

Phoooiee said...

Your foot is still dumb.

Phoooiee said...

Also, your foot stinks up the whole room. I'm going to bed to get away from it.