Sunday, November 04, 2007

Get your shit together.

Let's try some math:

13055/50000 = A whole lotta goddamn words in 3.5 days.

I'm truckin' on my novel. How about you?

GET GOING PEOPLE. YOU HAVEN'T GOT ALL MONTH. Oh. Well, maybe you do. But 3.5 days are gone already.

Have a link here to my Nano Profile where you can see my official unofficial word counter. You can also read some of the crap I'm writing if you go the EXCERPT tab.


Funky Smith said...

Why does everyone who does Nanowrimo feel compelled to force everyone else to do it too? Just curious.

Sacky said...

1. Because it's hard and you need to be reminded about it every two seconds otherwise you won't ever start.

2. Because it's more fun to do it for me when my friends' word counts GO UP and UP rather than sitting at 0/50000 like some of them do right now.

I'm talking to you, Funky78 and Phoooiee.

Phoooiee said...

SOME of us have marathons to train for. NaNoWriMo is just an excuse for lazy people to sit on their asses all day long instead of getting some exercise.

Sacky said...

All you can accomplish is stinking up the bed covers unitl is seeps out around the edges and kills people.

Phoooiee said...