Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dust off your crazy ideas

It's that time again. Get your shit together. You even still have a few days to prepare and think something up. Or you can just fly by the seat of your pants. Either way works. Both are fun and exciting. I promise.

I can't offer you any fabulous prizes or promise any kind of fame. But what I can tell you is when you finish your novel you will feel all-powerful. Felling all-powerful is almost as good as being all-powerful.
So get off your ass and write a book. If you do I will promise to read it. Hopefully that counts for something.


Sarah said...

I'm looking forward to it ... it seems like I never saw what you did last year. Is it posted somewheres?

Sacky said...

Nosir. I was a miserable failure last year.

i, squub said...

I hate that I'm already failing before I even get to the right proper month. There is no possible. But still!!! FREE PIZZA!!!


There IS still free pizza, right?


Sacky said...

Yes. I will buy you a free pizza if you finish a NovemBiWreeMoan.

wolfdog said...

I'm not going to do that, but I am going to try to accomplish something during November. NaAcSoMo.

Sacky said...

National Actuary Sorting Month?

i, squub said...

National Accomplish Something Month.

I'm off to a bad start on this thing. I'm dubious.

Sacky said...

HEY. I think you wrote more than I did today, fancy man.

Keep it up.

I need the motivatialization.

i, squub said...

I'm gonna try to keep trying to. But yesterday was probably a rare exception in that my wife had the baby gone all fucking day. Had I KNOWN she was going to be gone until 10pm I mightta written another 1500 words or so since I actually had the time. ALL OTHER DAYS EVER I've never had that kinda time.

Do you want a howso?