Monday, November 12, 2007

Word War, Baby

The widget is nicer than I am. It doesn't put your name up if you don't have any words.


Sarah said...

Dude, that's not fair! I spent all of one day writing. This year I at least had a good idea, or part of an idea. Last year I decided to write a book that could be turned into a bad Chuck Norris movie. The year before that I started some bad erotica. Maybe I'll turn my idea into something at some point. I don't know. I know it won't be this month ...I am too stuck/lazy/overwhelmed to make anything of it. I'm pulling for you, man. And still wanting to read some of what you did/do/done.

i, squub said...

I GET FRUSTRATED WITH SOME OF THE. It's pretty much not possible that I'll finish any. I started this saying, "hey, maybe there'll be magic time just coming out of things." It has not. There is no. Half the month goes by and I've worked on it twice. I didn't up my word count that one time, but it only advanced probably by a couple of hundred words.

Does anybody sell spacers down by the shell store?

Sacky said...


I'm not trying to pick on anybody.

I just need some motivation, and other people writing is the best kind.


I would like to read shit from other people BUT IF YOU DON'T MAKE IT THEN I CAN'T READ IT.

And that, is why I KEEP NAGGING LIKE AN OLD LADY about writing more.


I'll spot you 20,000 words. Put it in the counter. Then write more. Make it a short story or a novella or a small shrub. Just so long as I can read it in December.