Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bunny Sadness

The bunny is going to be sad. My wife says so.

See, the bunny is dangerous to the baby. The bunny's nose can come off and kill the baby. This can't be, so we have to send the bunny back. They promise to send us a voucher to use to purchase another toy of our choosing.

But my wife says the bunny will no longer be serving his intended purpose when he is thrown away. She says the bunny will be sad. I told her the bunny will get to hang out with lots of his friends, maybe even some nice guys he met on the manufacturing line or some of the fun fellows he hung out with on the shelf at the store. She says he'll still be sad.

I really don't know what to say to that.

Here's the whole story: Bunny Recall


Phoooiee said...

It's wasteful! Why can't they just fix the bunny?

It's the principal of the whole thing. Something has one little thing wrong with it and you have to throw the whole thing away. It makes me sad, like everything has to be perfect or it's not worth anything at all.

Sacky said...

It doesn't have to be perfect. It can have flaws. Just not one which kills babies. Especially when it's intended to entertain and teach babies.

It can't go around killing babies, you know. Damn dangerous-nosed bunny.

Phoooiee said...

But why can't they just FIX it?

They could fix it. I want them to fix it. It's a nice bunny and it says




and I think that's really friendly, so I think the bunny should be fixed instead of just discarded as if it had no positive qualities at all.

Sarah said...

It's true. No bunny is perfect but it shouldn't be lethal. It's definitely costly to pay for shipping to send your bunny back, get a new nose, then pay to ship the bunny back. It would take lots of bunny handlers and you'd have to keep the bunnies straight since you don't want a bunny that someone else's baby has already slobbered all over. Your own baby's slobber is fine, but SOMEONE ELSE'S? Never.

I suggest, if you want to preserve the bunny, just take a pair of scissors and cut off his nose. Then add a few stitches if there is a small hole. Oh, and throw away the nose instead of leaving it in a pile of Cheerios on the high chair or something ...

Liquid Pork Gun said...

Noooooooo!!!!! I can't believe the bunny is going to get the axe! It was so damn cute!