Friday, March 30, 2007

Dzienkuje, Home Depot

Home Depot has instituted this new thing where they ask you what your P.O. number or job name is. I guess this is so you can somehow track your Home Depot spending, and is probably very useful to people who actually make a living out of fixing shit in houses.

When asked by the cashier about my particular project, I've always just told her to leave it blank.

But, last night I took advantage of the stealth-checkout option. (Stealth, because if I were half my current age I might try to take advantage of the lax supervision...)

So there I am, standing at the self-checkout kiosk faced with the daunting task of (oh my god, can I really do this?) SCANNING MY ITEMS! It's so complicated it's almost scary. I mean, you pick up your item and you swipe it over the sensor. And after nine or ten tries the thing beeps and tells you to put it in the bag. Don't you think they could make this easier? I mean... put it in the bag? How do I do that?

OH, WAIT A MINUTE. That's not me. That's what must have been running through the head of the guy in front of me.

Once WonderShopper was checked out and paid up, I swiped my single item across the bar code scanner. Once. It beeped. I put it in the bag. The machine said, "Unexpected item in bagging area," then shut up as it realized I was actually doing it right.

I pressed the FINISH AND PAY button and then, much to my delight, I was presented an on-screen keyboard which displayed the following instruction:


So I did.

I guess I'd better get right to work on that project.


Funky Smith said...

That's great!

phoooiee said...

I know! I can hardly wait to get my cage!

Madhog said...

That's the best thing I've ever seen. Now that I know you can do that there I will shop there just as soon as they finish building the Home Despot here. I hate Lowe's anyway, and if I can put in horrible things for my Job name every time then that's just gravy.

i, squub said...

I just fucking died.

Apertome said...

I too just fucking died.