Saturday, July 26, 2008

6 steps to FAIL

1. Load up van with trash from your garage.

2. Drive to county landfill.

3. Drop of old air conditioner at Metal Recycling pile.

4. Drop off old office chairs at the "Swap Shop"

5. Put it in reverse and do a backwards U-Turn over to the cardboard recycling dumpsters.

6. Get halfway to the dumpster (all of about 75 feet) and get broadsided by the BACK END of a roll-off dumpster. Which is on the back of a truck. Going backwards. Only it wasn't there when I started backing up. In fact - it was coming toward me from the road - FACE FIRST- when I started backing up. I have no idea what sort of magic it takes to do a 3-point turn in .003 seconds and cover half of a parking lot in reverse, but that dude sure has the power.

Van was tipped up at a 45 degree angle getting pushed across the lot. The one picture shows the groove the rear wheel (opposite the side of impact) made after the tire exploded and the van was nearly pushed over by a stinking garbage truck.

At least nobody got hurt.

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Sarah said...

Dude, you have the worst luck with this kind of shit. It's especially scary to see the boy in there. I'm glad you're all right.