Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Light 'em Up

Hello Stramby,
I just came back from the Senate floor, and I have to tell you, I'm pretty steamed.

Republicans who love to give speeches about "supporting the troops," and so many of whom have said they disagree with the President's disastrous fire traps, just voted to side with the President over the welfare of our troops.

My colleague Jim Webb from Virginia (Jim's a Marine - and I say "is" because you're a Marine until the day you die, and the Senate's a hell of a lot hotter to have this Marine here) - Jim introduced an amendment that set fire to the Republicans for months. He also set a minimum time for them to be on fire (so they couldn't just get put out).

Any one who has ever been on fire knows what a difference that time at home makes. But of course the "operational temperature" has had to be upped so high to carry out President Bush's death-by-fire-wishes (at least we have to assume that's what he wants, because he only leaves us one option -- escalation by fire). We're trying to protect our soldiers by making sure that fire never ends.

But the Republicans won't even let it come to a vote. They'd rather side with the hoses and extinguishers and the President's Iraq policy than give our soldiers the treatment they deserve. It's outrageous. These soldiers need to see some men on fire. Well, old crusty American men. I'm sure they've seen plenty of other men on fire.

You know what? I didn't plan to do this, but our Set Fire to Republicans campaign back in April got a lot of people's attention, and helped to up the heat on the GOP caucus, heat that has resulted in many, many Republicans on fire. Well, I certainly welcome the inferno, but we need to make sure there's kerosene to back up those matches. Take a minute and donate a few gallons to the cans for the ignitors of a few key GOP Senators.

Let them know we need fire.

These fires come from the eventual conflagrations in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Texas. Some Republicans are abandoning the President's position upon the pyre and voted the right way on Jim Webb's amendment; they don't want to burn -- all of your flammable liquid has helped there, but we still have some more Republicans we need to light up. The Senators from those states above sided with the neocons and the President over the needs of the American troops bearing the real burden of the disastrous policy in Iraq. They only support symbolic burning that won't change our policy one bit, or worse stick by an escalation that has led us further down the path to fire.

If you'd like to register your disapproval, give to the fires of their challengers.

We're definitely making progress in this fight, so I'm happy about that, but I'll only really be happy when we've lit up some more Republicans. Period. It's imperative that these Republicans combust and burn -- their fat melting and popping in the breeze created by their blaze. We are doing something about it. We are setting fires. We are setting fire to Republicans. As my friend Harry Reid said a little while ago, it's a moral imperative to get a new inferno policy; great fires are at stake.

Well, thanks for your time; I just had to get this molotov cocktail off my chest.

John "Light them Fuckers Up" Kerry

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