Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Laptop Rules

I have a bunch of laptops at my house.


Well, actually two of them -- if you count a flickering LCD as working. But sometimes the start-up voltage doesn't meet the grade so it just sits there black and doesn't even flicker.
So here are the new laptop rules:

1. All laptops will have an LCD. Any size is fine.
1a. If I want to put a 14.1" LCD into a 15" bezel there will be a way to accomodate that option without purchasing extra shit.
2. The LCD will have a backlight using LED technology which never burns out.
3. The LCD will require an inverter to power the backlight.
4. All laptops will use the same inverter. Thanks.
5. All laptops will require a cable to connect the system board to the inverter and the screen.
6. All laptops will use the same fucking cable. Thanks.
7. Laptops will not allow you to drive a long keyboard screw into the wrong hole thus piercing the card on the hard drive because you're so pissed off at different ribbon connectors that you didn't notice the B next to the hole instead of the K next to the hole you should have used.
8. Laptops will not have a total system board failure as a result of number 7 actually happening.

If these rules were in place I would have SEVERAL working laptops.

I'm not asking for all that much here. Really. I don't want to put a P3 into a P4 hole. Well, I do. But I don't expect to be able to. But I do expect people to make a fucking LCD panel with the same goddamn connector and the same fucking length power cable and the same fucking inverter with the same fucking interface so you can dim the goddamn screen even tho you only ever use the fucker on full brightness any way. Yeah.

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