Monday, January 12, 2009


I've gotten into my head some sort of crazy scheme for a painting. This is what could be the first step toward achieving some kind of something else. In order to complete the scheme, however, I should probably learn what the hell I'm doing when I'm slapping paint around.

Here's a charcoal sketch and the underpainting (which consisted of simultaneous build-up, painting wet-into-wet in some spots.)


Sarah said...

Hey, I meant to say something yesterday. I like this woman, although there is a little something about her mouth that weirds me. I think it's the same distance across as her nose, and I think that might be a weird proportion. Or at least my mouth is bigger than my nose. (Sorry to be nit-picky. Think of it as constructive feedback.) Regardless, she is very sexy, and, as always, I'm pleased to see that you're painting and, well, I like naked people so this is probably one of my favorites of yours. I also saw your source photo and it's fascinating to me to see what things you choose to include and what you leave out and how you see something. Also, when Michael tried to explain the part thing, I asked "like a triptych?" and now I see that what you have in mind is way cooler than that. Sort of individual crops of a single photo. I love that idea. Definitely post the final project.

Sacky said...

As it stands, the nose is a sort point for me, but this is just the beginning stage. Hopefully it'll get cleaned up and arrive at the proper size at a later date.

Thanks for the positive feedback, and I'm glad you like it.