Monday, December 03, 2007

Vegetarians: Eat a damn burger already.

These people come up with the weirdest ideas.

But that's OK. Here is some nice science which points out that since they don't eat right they can't reproduce:

Keep eating your greens, Vegans. Soon you'll be livin' it up with the trilobytes.


Félszemű said...

We love vegetarians.

DaveX said...

If I can't reproduce, then whose two kids are keeping me up all night?

Sacky said...

Look, I don't really want to start you down the path of marital distrust, but you're the one who asked the question...

Funky Smith said...

This is just one school of thought. The Weston A. Price Foundation wants you to eat as much animal fat as possible. Maybe if you are Inuit, you should. It really doesn't matter to me. What I do works for me, and would not work for meat eaters who are fat and smell bad. Just ask my husband. I told him tonight when I came home from work, "You ate an onion, a hot dog, and a chocolate mint for lunch." He was floored. He said, "How did you know?" I said, I can smell it.

Funky Smith said...

What kind of craptastic drivel is this:

"veganic agricultural systems were to gain a foothold on the soil, then agrochemical use, soil erosion, cash cropping, prairie-scapes and ill health would escalate."

What crap! It makes no sense and is not substantiated.

Kingo said...

You're a pork sandwich,
you ate an onion,
and I can smell it.

I put my head in it,
I can smell it,
but I only eat cantilevers.

You're a bacon egg,
they flavored you at the factory,
I can't smell it
they disguised the pheromones.

Look at all the pasta!
Look at all the pasta!
Look at all the pasta!
Why, you could wear that
with a bean
or a lettuce
or a carrots
or even a sliced turkey.

You are a pork
and I am a cheese piece,
and every time I see you,
I smell like I had a mint
for lunch.

My wife can smell it.
My wife can smell it.
My wife can smell it.

Funky Smith said...

who is kingo?

kingo said...

Someone with an incredibly large sense of incongruence.

OR: Pita Bread

ALSO: The guy who almost never, ever remembers how to sign into this stupid Blogger/Google thing since it stopped being just blogger and everything got ruined.